Why iCare?


Easy iCare
Disability carer agency

Here at Easy iCare we work together with you, and anyone else important in your life to create life-changing opportunities. Through our intensive 24/7 support, our highly trained and motivated carers promote your individual development and empower you to live a meaningful life, regardless of your disability. We provide an extensive range of disability services and supports.

These include but
are not limited to:

  • Individual Support Packages
  • Befriending
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Supports
  • 24/7 In home supports – Supported Living
  • Recreational Supports
  • Family contacts Virtual and Face to Face
  • Residential Care Supports
  • Community Inclusion Supports
  • Free information and advise for our Participants and their families
  • Employment Options
  • Developmental programs that promote independent living
  • Development of support plans to aide you with making financial and future decisions

Meet and Choose the people who support you

At Easy iCare, we give you the option to choose who supports you.

Our Services

At Easy iCare we provide a wide range of services to meet every individuals needs. In partnership with yourself and the people important to you, we will develop supports to meet your every need.

At Easy iCare we welcome any enquiries

we can do it together